How can I request an account deletion?

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There’s two way to delete your account.

Keep in mind, we cannot retrieve data from your account after the request was executed in any case. This is a permanent action.

In your account, by yourself.

You can delete your account by going in the Settings page and click on the right side where you will see a red button to delete your account.


To submit your request from the help center, please follow:

  • To submit a request.
  • Select the Account Deletion Request in the department field.
  • After on the next box, please write why you choosing to delete your account. You can add additional information which can be feedback, comments or suggestions about our product.
  • Fill out properly the following box.
  • Please be sure that your email is the one associated with your account. Otherwise, it won’t be processed and your account won’t be deleted.

After submitting, one of our team will take charge of your request and process it. If you decide to change your mind, please do so as soon as possible, they’re going to be no updated provided on the ticket. If processed successfully, the ticket will be closed.

Thank you for your interest in our product!