How do I get started?

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Thank you for your interest in Shortc. We suggest you follow this tutorial about how to get started with our product.

Shortc requires you to create a free account to access more advanced features. Here a link, where you can go to and fill out the registration form. After having an account ready to be used. You can start right away to shorten a link.

If you select Advanced Options, you’ll have different features such as expiration date, custom alias (if you don’t prefer the autogenerated random character after the slash), password protection, a unique description available to you. You can also geotarget your audience which means you can assign a different page for different countries (eg; For Canadian users, you can redirect to and for US users, you can redirect to

Device Targeting is the same as Geotarget, but for devices. You might have a promotion for Android users which is different than the one for iPhone users.