How to add a Custom Domain?

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Warning: Do not change the DNS settings for a domain of your active website. This may cause the website goes down. does not work on the active website domains. You need a domain that is not in use.

Shortc support custom domain, which means you can add your own custom domain. This is great when you need to customize your URLs such as when you have a blog, small businesses, e-commerce store or any other.

Please connect inside your account, then you will be redirected on your dashboard. On the dashboard, in the left sidebar please select Custom domain.

In the DNS settings on your register account, you will need to set up the following record, you need to do only one method.


*To point your main domain name, create an A record and set the value to

*To point your subdomain name, create a CNAME record and set the value to @

Type Name Value TTL
A @ Default
CNAME Sub-domain-name @ Default

After saving all your modification, you should wait up to 24 hours before creating a short link with your custom domain. During this type, Shortc will verify and activate your domain.

This is due to DNS propagation. Usually, this is complete within 1 hour (depending on your DNS server and ISP).

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