How to download my sensitive informations?

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At Shortc, we really care about your data and we do our best to secure them with the latest technology available.

Your personal is hosted and encrypted with two different technology hosted in two different networks. Your personal information which include your name and your e-mail are not available in normal characters in our system and are heavily encrypted.

This means for us it is impossible to retrieve your data even if you ask them. This is not the same thing for URLs and the statistics because they aren’t owned by anybody (not you or us). More information about this section can be found in our terms and conditions and policy page.

Your personal data are own only by you and not us or others. This means we need to encrypt them with higher grade security. The data retrieved with our product are encrypted but still can be decrypted for legal and authorized purposes like viewing, commercial use (under some regulations available in our terms and conditions) and analyzing data by exporting them in Excel file.

Your data aren’t available to be decrypted for viewing and analyzing without your permission. Data acquired by our product are due that they aren’t owned by anybody.

Please note that some data might follow a special policy, if you have questions about it, please submit a support request.