What is Shortc?

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Shortc is a new way to share shorten links around social media. For marketers having this kind of tools allow them to have better control over their links. Shortc is a market leader for marketing software with thousands of clients who appreciate our products. We decided to complete our marketing suite with Shortc.

What is Shortc?

Well, in a few words that’s a shortening URL service, but with few amazing features. Having better control over your links is something important. Well with this product we giving you this opportunity.

Better analytics.

We are pretty sure that you are using the integrated analytics solutions by your social media providers (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc).Shortc go further with this features by offering deep analytics about whoever clicks on your Shortc links.


Shortc offers many ways to increase your sales. Your audience can read related things about your business while getting ads about an offer. Shortc offers different tools to promote services and products on your shared Shortc links.

Seamless pixel (event) tracking.

Pixel tracking allow you to automatically send your analytics data to your ads networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are currently supported).